Biblical Anatolia

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Footsteps of the early Christians

Mount Ararat to the roots of Abraham This particular tour goes to the mountainous east of Eastern Anatolia in Turkey. We're going to include the Black Sea and you will see Mount Ararat, where Noah's ark crashed. Along the borders with Georgia, Armenia, Iran and Iraq, we drive to the roots of Abraham in Harran and Urfa. We see Antioch and Tarsus and in between you will be surprised again every day with rugged mountains, fast flowing Tigris, nomads and camels, colorful markets and lots of hospitality.

In the Footsteps of Apostle Paul

We visit places that are visited on his missionary journeys through Asia Minor. By the Apostle Paul Of course, you can enjoy the beautiful nature and the unspoilt landscape of this part of Turkey. Rugged mountains, beautiful coastlines and true wonders of nature to get everywhere. For anyone who has always wanted to see and experience what route the Apostle Paul walked in ancient Turkey, this is a very nice experience. A travel experience you will never forget.

In the footsteps of Apostle John

The Apostle John the enchanting Turkey discovered long ago: there John wrote his letters to seven churches in Asia Minor. Not for nothing is Turkey the cradle of Christianity. During this tour you will relive the past and come to you in the footsteps of the Apostle. Meet the ancient world of Pergamum and Ephesus and experience the incredible scenery in Pamukkale. Unique is the day trip to Patmos, the Jerusalem of the Aegean Sea. Overall a biblical experience!

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